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Interested in what I'm reading? Find a growing list of poetry & prose here, followed by a short description.


Rue by Kathryn Nuernberger was recommended to me by a friend, and I'm delighted that I finally got around to reading it. The poems are sharp and relatable for anyone who has ever lived in a small town. I've found her poetry to be refreshing and very appropriate for the world we're all living in currently. It's been a while since I've read poetry, and this book was an excellent choice!

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Hunger by Roxane Gay has easily shot to the top of my favorite books list. I aspire to write with the same vulnerability and openness that she does. The prose is sharp and soft at the same time - something that takes immense talent and skill. Her story is one that all too many know, and it's one that everyone should take the time to read. Roxane, if you ever see my little website, thank you for this masterpiece. It was the book I never knew I needed.

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